This is perfect for any season for layering under drawstring gowns and wraps or just using alone with a nappy in the very warm nights.  It's lightweight and breathable and super soft, which newborn babies so desperately need to regulate their temperature. 

The classic style singlet is made from 100% pure merino and is an essential piece of clothing for extra warmth whether is is Summer or winter. 


  • Sized to fit nb-3mths or 3-6mths
  • 100% pure merino
  • Longer through the body for extra growth
  • Measures 25cm length from back of neck. 

merino basic singlet

$29.95 $24.95

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Merino Wool and Babies

Try to forget everything you know about wool - when it comes to newborn babies MERINO WOOL is the only choice.  It doesn't matter if it's the middle of Summer or the heart of winter, merino will work, like magic, to regulate your newborn's temperature.  

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