Sleeping bags closeup

All our sleeping bags are made from pure merino and cotton to ensure your baby sleeps in comfort all year round!

Feeling cold is one of the most commonly overlooked reasons for babies waking during the night.  As they sleep your baby's body temperature lowers and if they have kicked off their bedding, they wake up and can wake the whole household. 

What are the benefits of a sleeping bag?

  • Using a Baby Caterpillar sleeping bag will eliminate the need for extra covers, and allow your baby or toddler to move and kick their legs without feeling constrained while keeping warm and snug.
  • Ensures your baby's head won't get covered by loose sheets or blankets, which will lower the risk factors associated with SIDS.
  • Allows for easy settling, night time comforting and feeding - you can pick baby up without disturbing and the bag will become a signal for sleep, so they will drop off easier.
  • Helps prevent adventurous toddlers from climbing out of their cots.

What is the TOG rating?

A TOG rating is actually a European warmth rating which is generally used for sleeping bags and bedding made from synthetic fibres.

In New Zealand, sleeping bags are sold by weight instead of TOG ratings.  There is no direct formula for converting weights to TOG ratings, however, our suggestion is as follows:  3-season weight would be similar to a 1.0 - 2.0 and Winter weight would be similar to a 1.5 - 2.5.  This is based on customer feedback and our own research. 

Quality you can count on.

All our sleeping bags are made to last.  We firmly believe, that if you invest in a quality sleeping bag then it should last the test of time.  Therefore all our sleeping bags, and in fact, all our Baby Caterpillar garments are made in New Zealand by a very small local team and quality checked every step of the way.  We only use the best zips - YKK, and studs, and all our sleeping bags are double stitched for added longevity. Take a closer look...

Which is the right sleeping bag weight for me?

Use winter weight if you like the idea of extra warmth during the cooler months, without layering or heating the room.  In NZ winter weight is generally used from May - September with clothing alterations underneath if the room temperature varies. 

Use our 3-season weight through Autumn, Winter and Spring.  During the warmer times just wear a merino singlet and nappy underneath, and as the weather cools, add layers back i.e: merino singlet with a merino gown or merino sleepsuit over that, and add heat to the room. 

In order to get the best from either the winter or the 3-season sleeping bag try and keep the merino against the skin.  The merino layer on each of our sleeping bags is on the inside, so if you add merino only clothing, then the properties of the merino fabric will work best to regulate the temperature.  Do this EVEN in the warmer months (rather than cotton for night time sleeping) - it's like magic.